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State of California Health and Human Services Agency Department of Health Care Services SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION REFERRAL NOTICE Instructions: To CWD: Please complete Part I. Retain original
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing mc 194
hey everybody this is Jack it's April since I think and it's kind of late it's like 1007 pm according to the computer sorry I am so tired but I promised that I would tell you guys when I got information regarding medical resolution problems and so without further ado I can happily report that the problem is finally resolved apparently it was resolved yesterday on April fourth we just kind of funny because you know you have 40 for code errors and there was all these computer errors so I kind of think life is a little bit ironic like that but but anyways I like I said I think anyone and everyone who helped make that happen um I couldn't get anything done till I put up this video and then now suddenly magically week later it's fixed so I'd like to think that there was help getting that done and again I think anyone and everyone who made that happen thank you thank you thank you I can probably say that that problem is resolved that i can now not stress about it and that is like the best feeling in the world so no more enduring bigotry on that level and people hanging up the phone on me and being absolutely positively rude that's good news so thank you very much I was going to say although I didn't have to submit this I was going to submit this and I do believe that this may be the actual problem with the system what I was told was that the meds system M EDS system it shakes hands one time with Social Security Department system the actual real one and that if you change anything that has to do with your Social Security records name gender birthdate things like that that the Med system is not going to recognize those changes even with the submission of the appropriate documents now nobody else is saying this but i believe i read this i believe it's under what's called title to in the medical code book i think that was what it was don't I could be wrong but I think that was what it was as well as somebody else when I had called in found the same exact information and had a boss who had said the same exact thing a supervisor said the same thing so what you have to do if there are any other transgender people out there or anybody for that matter who changed anything that's a different than on their social security record please go find form MC 194 okay print it you can get it offline you don't even have to get it from the office fill out all the information in that form and then go to the Social Security Department itself go to the actual Social Security Department Office sorry I'm really tired and then have them sign and verify that your information is your information that this is really you that these changes are real of you so bring whatever documents you need I mean obviously you've already been there obviously Social Security already knows but you have to do that that's what i was told i think if you guys fill out MC 194 and then have everybody fill out the rest of the forms and submit...